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Jasmine, Shea Butter & Honey Soap Bar

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Jasmine , Shea Butter & Honey Soap Bar Is Hand made all natural soap bars 

Jasmine  & Honey Soap Benefits
Jasmine will cleanse the skin of impurities. It also will help to balance oily, sensitive skin, and nourish a dry scalp. germicide, bactericidal, fungicidal and antiviral properties making it a very good antiseptic and disinfectant. It prevents wounds from becoming septic and reduces infections. Jasmine is rich in a variety of active chemical components that are beneficial to the skin. Anti-aging: Because of its antioxidants, jasmine can help protect from environmental stressors. ... Moisturizing: Like many natural oils, jasmine oil helps treat dry skin and provide natural moisture that won't clog pores. 
When using honey for skin blemishes is that when it is placed on the skin, the heat from your skin along with the components of the honey, create a natural hydrogen peroxide! Hydrogen peroxide is a potent anti-microbial, that will minimizes the appearance of blemishes and prevent the recurrence of acne lesions. Honey also possesses antimicrobial properties, helps in promoting autolytic debridement
it deodorizes wounds, speeds up the healing process by stimulating wound tissues
helps in initiating the healing process in dormant wounds, also helps in promoting moist wound healing.


      0atmeal & Shea Honey Soap Bar smells so bomb 💣, This is a must have soap. 

Made with natural ingredients such as Shea nut butter, Vitamin E, Vegetable glycerin, Favoring - Sparking Lemonade, Mica powder 

Perfect to add in your soap bar collection topped off with Jasmine Flowers

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