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Style: Blue Raspberry Bundle

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Lip Scrub Bundle  are sooooo yummy    

The BUNDLE INCLUDE 1. 2oz Lip Scrub, 2-  Collagen Hydration Lip Mask w/ infused Aloe Vera & 1 Exfoliating Lip brush

Lip Scrub comes in 2oz Plastic container 

 Lip Scrub  not only exfoliates your lips Queen but it is also safe to eat! Yummy! This handmade lip scrub is for all of the Blue Raspberry Lemonade lovers so eat your hearts out ...

Lip Scrub will exfoliate your lips while leaving your lips moisturized, soft and plump once it has been wiped off or licked off. This will be a perfect step to take before applying a lipstick, especially a liquid lipstick.

  Two  Collagen Hydration Lip Mask w/ infused Aloe Vera

This Lip Mask Contains Aloe Vera and Collagen which are great for moisturizing , softening and exfoliating the skin.
Collagen Is Great for anti Aging , Anti Wrinkle And Lifting the Skin.

Pink collagen lip masks rapidly Reduces Inflammation and Promotes New Cell Rejuvenation.

Long Term Results-you will gain healthy and firm skin, repair deep skin layers.

Removes dead skin cells clarifies attenuates surface stains & balances skin tone components easily absorbed by penetrating deep into the skin.

The Lip mask will gradually dissolves under body temperature and will sink quickly into the skin, providing the nutrients and moisture needed. You may massage your lips after taking off the Lip mask to help to absorb the essence.

Exfoliating Lip brush

Regular lip Brush $5-$20 on a Lip Brush of the SAME quality, when you can spend only $2 !!

This small exfoliator is perfect for ridding your lips of dead and dry skin. Use it again and again to increase blood circulation and skin smoothing. One side of the brush has small bristles to detach particles and scrub away dry skin and the other has larger round bristles to massage and promote blood circulation.

 This brush can be used with ANY of our Lip/Body Sugar Scrubs to help you Scrub those lips to get them soft and smooth!!

Made By Shadiya : Ingerdants - Sugar, Honey, Lemon Juice,, Vegetable glycerin , Vitamin E,

PROCESSING TIME- 3 -7 Business Days

Handmade and cruelty-free! All products are infused with coconut which keep your lips hydrated and Soft ! Please make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients!

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