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Mother of pearls & Citrine Copper Loc Jewelry Set

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Mother of pearls & Citrine Copper Loc Jewelry

For braids / Locs 

 Citrine is associated with positivity and optimism, which is not surprising given its cheerful color. It’s often used to assist in manifesting financial abundance and opportunities. It can also be used to awaken the solar plexus chakra, helping to cultivate confidence and personal power. 

Citrine stones are commonly associated with ancient beliefs and rituals as it was widely believed that the stone had healing powers in addition to have the ability to increase vitality and energy for the wearer.

The Citrine is referred as the lucky “Merchants Stone”supposed to be the stone of abundance increasing fortune and commercial success. It also helps on healing the body an eliminating toxins.

Mother-of-pearl shell is commonly believed to attract prosperity and is often used in mystical work and lore to heighten intuition, psychic sensitivity and imagination. It is believed that mother-of-pearl shell offers soothing, motherly protection from negative energy and love.


Before shipping out our Hand made Ms.Empress Make sure   they had been smudged with sage, and placed outside under the new moon light, very powerful and positive vibrations before it get shipped off 

PROCESSING TIME CAN BE UP TO 1-3 business days  - FOLLOWED BY USPS  tracking 
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