12cm Latex Compression Band

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Color: Black

Size: 3 Meter Long

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12cm Latex Compression Band Width Seamless Elastic Compresion 3 4 6 Meter Long Tummy Belly Stomach Wrap Belt girdle Waist Trainer - WIDER BAND MORE COVERAGE 

Tired of using Waist Trainers that don't fit right? The Latex Compression Band solves this with a one size fits all band. You can dial in your optimal level of compression regardless of your waist and hip measurements. With it's unique design it will also fit short and long torsos allowing you to spread it as low or compressed as you need to get your ideal snatch. Perfect for workouts and every day use, this band can also be worn under clothing.

✨ Material: 40%Latex,60%Polyester

✨ Size: 3 meters,4 meters,6 meters

✨Comfortable Adjustable, Breathable Stretchy

✨Easy to Carry

✨Color: Black 

✨ Invisible : Perfect for everyday outfit, invisible under clothes.

✨ Instant :Rapid shaping,Cut 5cm-8cm off the waist,abdominal tuck instantly

✨High spine protection, won’t pop out,won’t roll up or down.

✨ Comfortable  : Made with a Premium quality material which is more durable, breathable for a whole-day wearing.

✨Decent : Made with waterproof material, no wet spots showing on your tummy area, seamless under dress,100% invisible!

✨High-elastic,comfortable and durable.NO stinky chemical smell.

✨Firm stitches,well made.
Wash and Care:
*1. The latex waist trainer needs regular cleaning and protection. Add a few drops of weak alkaline laundry detergent to soak in water for about 3 minutes, rub it back and forth on the surface with hands for 2-3 minutes, then rinse it, and hang in a cool place to dry. *2. Not exposed to the sun *3. Do not machine wash *4. Do not tumble dry *5. Do not shake dry *6. Do not wring

PROCESSING TIME- 3-7 Business Days

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