Starbucks Tumbler Gold Jeweled Christmas Holiday venti 2021 Cup

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Starbucks Tumbler Gold Glow In The Dark Jeweled Christmas Holiday venti 2021 Cup

Starbucks Tumbler Gold Jeweled Venti Christmas Holiday 2021 Cup


Brand new and gorgeous cup!

Similar to the grid and studded Starbucks releases.
Ships fast from experienced seller!

24oz brand new!

***!PLEASE NOTE! ***
Floating glitter will settle at the bottom of cup! Shake it like a snow globe to mix everything up again!

Vegetasble Glycerin (Food Grade) & Purified Water is used inside all of my snow globe tumblers to ensure that perfect slow flow.

* Processing Time * - 1-2 Weeks or sooner,  not including weekend 

Care Instructions:
-Hand wash only with a soft sponge
-This tumbler can be used with both hot and cold liquid

Please do not put in the dishwasher

Return and Refund Policy:

All items are made to order and deemed non-refundable.

All Sales Are Final